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Medical Diagnostics
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a portable, non-invasive diagnostic and telemonitoring system (lab-on-a-chip) for patients with pleural effusion
Pleural effusion is a medical condition where an unusual amount of fluid collects around the lungs in a pleural space. It is often linked to patients with cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, autoimmune conditions, and those with heart, liver, and kidney diseases. Current diagnosis methods are either invasive, radiation-heavy or time-consuming, and there is also no way to monitor pleural effusions outside a hospital. Monitoring this information in a timely manner can lead to reductions in hospitalization time and costs.
SensoriumLab makes a user-friendly and non-invasive diagnostic system for assessment of pleural effusion. Patients can be monitored remotely, even by non-professionals. The system uses electromagnetic waves to detect pleural fluid, and provides information that could help a doctor decide medical treatment—automatically sending alerts when the pleural fluid volume is high.